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SoundPath for Maximum Meditation
Reviewer: John Perkins, Master Instructor from New York, NY

I teach self-defense to members of the military and police. They need something to keep them balanced during these extremely powerful and aggressive courses. Guided meditation is the method of choice. During the most recent meditations, I have used the SoundPath CD as my musical support. It has been highly effective. If you can get the marines to meditate and enjoy it you're doing something right. SoundPath gives you a direct path to tranquility. I can't recommend it enough.

Reviewer: Bert Beverly, MD from Maine

When I listen to SoundPath, I feel transported out of this world and into a world of peace, joy and hope. Naaz's voice is clear and strong and very powerful. It all comes across perfectly. The blend is amazing. Everything seems just right worth the instrumentation and the voice coming together in a most magical way.

Let SoundPath Light Your Way
Reviewer: John E. Sackett III from New York

When was the last time you were in the Middle East? Recently, a long time ago or never? Get out the most exotic incense you have, light some candles, sit back and close your eyes and let Naaz (pronounced Nahz) take you away upon the wings of her crystal clear voice and haunting melodies to a place at once ancient and new.....more

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