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Tuesday October 23 - 7:00-8:00pm


FREE tele-class with Naaz Hosseini

Stand in your power and speak from your heart. 

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Friday October 26- 8:00pm

SOUND BATH - a horizontal concert

Naaz Hosseini (voice, violin, movement); Peter Blum (singing bowls, gong, flutes, percussion, voice); Thomas Workman (didgeridoo, flutes, percussion).

Join three well-known and respected sound-healers for a unique meditative event. Participants are invited to experience a “horizontal concert”, lying on yoga mats or blankets in the center of the room, surrounded on all sides by sound-generating stations set up along the perimeter: gongs, flutes, violin, didjeridoo, and an amazing collection of over 35 Himalayan singing bowls. The intention is to create a unique vibration field, allowing those present to receive healing, visions, and guidance from within and without.

Nyack Yoga @ 42 Main, Nyack NY


$25 - advance purchase recommended

Optional: bring your favorite mat to lie on


Sunday October 28- 12:30-3:00pm

FREE YOUR VOICE: Reclaiming Your Wild, Brilliant Self

Naaz Hosseini

Within each of us is a free-flowing stream of aliveness, an experience of being full and limitless. Explore the spontaneous creativity of your nature with Naaz Hosseini, “SoundShifter”, master vocalist, dancer, and psychotherapist. We will step through the doorway of breath, movement, and voice into our unique and shared moment-to-moment aliveness. Breathe life into your voice, resonating and shaping an ever-shifting landscape. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

Nyack Yoga @ 42 Main, Nyack NY



$55 / $40 before October 22


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