How does the Voice Heal?


Sound is a physical phenomenon. It is vibration that we can hear and feel.  Vibration physically touches everything, including every cell of the body.  When we use sound, especially the natural vibration of the human voice, we set into motion the cells of the organism, that is, we create/generate physical vibration.  Vibration is movement.  Movement is necessary for the processes of the body to flow.  The unobstructed flow of breath, blood, and lymph, nourishes and heals our bodies continuously.  When these natural processes are blocked by tension or illness or negativity, health is impaired on one or more levels.  Sound, through its resonance, facilitates the cellular movement necessary for health.


Sound and the voice have emotional content by association. Two people can hear the same sound and because of their different life experiences, one may find it soothing and the other may find it terrifying or boring or funny, etc.  Sound and sounding helps move the emotions, allowing their expression, release, and transformation.


The vibration of sound and voice stimulates imagery, feeling states, and insights that can lead not only to physical and emotional healing, but also to creative inspiration and motivation. 

Movement is required for health, wholeness, and creativity. Without it we have stagnation. Vibration is the fundamental movement..

The Voice Healing Pathway

  • The voice vibrates
  • The organism resonates with (or against) the vibration
  • The organs and systems are moved and stimulated
  • The blood, lymph and other elements flow
  • The organism is cleansed, nourished, and healed


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The Healing Power of the Voice

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What is a Voice Healing?