"Dance Magazine Recommends"

by Wendy Perron


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CD envisioned and produced by Naaz Hosseini

Voice & violin: Naaz Hosseini

Dulcimer, tabla, & marimba: Bill Ruyle


LOOKING for a soothing soundtrack to accompany your bodywork exploration? SoundPath, with its rising and falling vocals and chimes, puts you on the crest of a tranquil wave. Naaz Hosseini's voice slips from a serene hum to a full-throated wail to a sweet high-pitched lilt, flavored by her roots in Armenia and Persia. Bill Ruyle's marimba sounds like pebbles in a clear running brook, and his dulcimer is as delicate as lace. Together they connect you with your own breathing and with the ebb and flow of nature. Picture yourself swaying in a hammock or riding a camel on the dunes.

Hosseini, who has sung and danced with Meredith Monk and Laura Dean, is a psychotherapist and education consultant. Part of her work is helping people find their own inner voice.

This music falls into the New Age category, but it doesn't have the slick production values that often make such CDs annoying. You can hear each note and each shift of tone, and it leaves you the space to tune in or tune out as you please. Treat yourself to the pleasure of doing bodywork or yoga in a calming, enriching aural environment. 62 minutes, $14.99. See



MARCH 2004


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