What is A Voice Healing?


A Voice Healing is a process of receiving healing through the sound of the voice. Similar to a massage or energy work, you sit or lie down wearing comfortable clothing, usually with your eyes closed. This helps you let go of your surroundings and circumstances and focus within. As the voice healing practitioner, I make sounds, intuitively modulating the texture, pitch and volume of my voice. As you receive the vibrations, you are free to be as passive or interactive as feels right to you. The range includes

  • relaxing and taking in the experience quietly;
  • noticing any sensations, emotions, or thoughts that arise;
  • giving feedback about your experience; or
  • even making sounds yourself.

This is an intuitive, creative healing process using the energy of sound. It does not involve touch. Here is a story of one client who experienced physical and emotional relief from a voice healing session.

Connie's Story

Connie is a midwife. She came to me for a voice healing session following a thermograph which showed heat around a lump near her thyroid. She was concerned about what this might mean and experienced constriction in her throat. As I sounded for her with my voice, I noticed that her neck was out of alignment and that her breathing was a bit tight. I “sang” my intention to soften the area around her neck and allow it to have room to move and breathe. As the session progressed, I noticed a subtle realignment and softening in her neck. I also noticed sadness welling up in her. Connie confirmed this afterward by telling me…

“I wish we could have done another thermograph. I have every reason to think it would have been changed. Even swallowing was changed after our session from the release of the tension that was there. The expression of the emotions too that came up as a result of the work. I really believe if I hadn't had that release, it could contribute to thyroid problems because I believe circulation is impaired if you have that much tension, including the blood, lymph, nerves, and neuro-messages. That's real healing when you can move those things. When you've got the lymph system going, you're fighting everything. I really felt a big physical release from it.”



© Naaz Hosseini 2006 


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